I'm a Silicon Valley-based professional working in the fields of computer architecture and digital VLSI design.

I currently work for Apple Computer in the Macintosh hardware development teams, primarily doing performance analysis and enhancement.

Formerly, I was a postdoctoral scholar working on the Hydra Project, a 4-way, closely coupled shared-cache multiprocessor on a single chip, and the TCC Project, a transactional replacement for normal cache coherence and consistency protocols, under Prof. Kunle Olukotun. If you are interested in any of these topics, the best place to start looking is probably the book we wrote summarizing our research: Chip Multiprocessor Architecture. If you would like to read more, then click on the "Publications" link to the left.

I am not currently looking for a job, but I'm always happy to hand out links to my online copy if you email or call me.

Also, this page is a good place to start looking for other related sites: The Computer Architecture Home Page .

I'm also quite a theatre maven, movie buff, and bookworm. As a result, I have done a fair amount of work in amateur theater tech work and got a side job at the small Aquarius movie theatre awhile back so I could see movies for free and work with professional projection equipment. While doing this, I worked up a talk describing how professional 35mm projection works today, and some of the history of how it has changed and developed over the years. Here's a copy of my Short History of Film Projection talk slides, for the curious.

I've also had to give a lot of directions around downtown Palo Alto while at the Aquarius, so I made a map of the area. Here's an online version of my Downtown Palo Alto Map, which shows all parking and restaurants in downtown Palo Alto. This version is current as of 6/2008.

Last Revised 7/21/08